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Company Profile

In a short time we acquired a leading position in the market with our dynamic and creative team. Our Company receives your desires professionally with Industry experience of many years, and offers to you favourable proposals for solution. Our Consultation begins with planning the projects and reaches up to Project engineering. We concern ourselves intensively with the application of our products up to the processing. Whether you require carbon prototypes or small runs made of carbon, you are at the right place with us. We manufacture carbon components for defence engineering, for the medical sector and also for the food industry. Individual carbon, GRP and CRP housings have excellent rigidity and are very lightweight. Composite carbon with rubber or silicone also has excellent properties, especially with flexible, soft parts that need to be food-compatible. Load-bearing carbon elements are already used in different manners. The advantage of these materials is their low expansion, light weight, excellent absorption of acceleration forces and outstanding rigidity.


Polycarbonat sheets are vastly superior to many plastic due to their unique proberties. They exhibit low weight, extremely high transparency and extraordinary break resistance. Polycarbonate sheets is resistant to weathering,even hail,offers very good fire safety and is extremly easy to fabricate. Polycarbonate sheets grades can be bent or cut directly at the site of application. Protecheng is producing the skylight domes under the DIN 18.232 norm for various purposes on the roofs with fire resistance materials. According to the DIN norm, smoke ventilation systems start after 100 cm x 100 cm dimension and the height of the base should be min. 30 cm. How many smoke ventilation systems should be used are being calculated according to the square meter of the roof. They enhance building safety by protecting escape routes, preserving the building structure, and minimizing the damages accured due to fire. This system can be placed on to the roof building or on the Windows openings.


Knowledge is required. Experience and expertise is key to ensuring that customers are supplied with well designed GRP products. Protecheng Composites daily business to advise, inform our customers in the art of composing GRP products.


Product Design and Manufacturing For new production, it is sufficient to receive drawings PDF file with corresponding dimensions. Our engineer team is improving the quality, knowledge and techonolgy permanently.

Composite Materials

GRP Rooflight Domes

For our customers -for whom we are a solution partner for GRP Rooflight Domes and Carbon Systems for general and specific conditions- we are conditioning living spaces with rich product components and flexible systems, and we are providing solutions with Protecheng Systems quality and experience. Particular importance is being given to customer satisfaction by our products -which are being developed by the RE-DE researches- that provide high efficiency, minimum cost and by our recycling systems. Modular design, easy assembly and aesthetic design of our products conform the architecture of living spaces. While designing a building, smoke control systems shall be considered as the most significant factor that protect human life. Deaths during a fire are mainly depending on smoke poisoning. Fire, due to its nature, can fill an area of 10.000 m2 with smoke within a few minutes. Protecheng, leads the sector by always improving itself in this area.
Protecheng brings new and permanent solutions to smoke control problems, natural daylight and ventilation with new solutions and new system designs in this field. All Protecheng Smoke Evacuation Equipments are being tested by recent international standards.

Rooflight Domes as smoke protection system:

• Reduce fumigating, secure escape routes and protect human lives
• Enable purposeful actions by the fire brigade
• Protect buildings and facilities from total destruction by thermal relief

Advantages of Rooflight Dome System:

• Enables evacuation of smoke and heat
• Rapidly cleans the exit routes from smoke
• Enables daylight and ventilation
• Protects the areas of the building
• Used for smoke evacuation and control systems
• Used for natural lighting and natural ventilation
• Ease of assembly
• Accessories conforming for assembly to all kinds of roofs
• Resistance to external conditions
• Low cost in smoke evacuation system investment
• Enables easy access to the roof
• Minimizes the deformation of building during fire

GRP Rooflight Domes Systems as per the Building Type :

• Lodgings and Hotels
• Parking Lots
• Commercial Buildings
• Residence and Villas
• Depots and Factories, Industrial Single Storey Areas

Why Protecheng GRP Rooflight Dome Systems?

Protech provides service not only for product sales
We are providing different system solutions for all commercial, lodging or industrial buildings and for each detail of construction.
Protecheng designs technology smoke evacuation systems as the result of long years of researches, technical experience and cooperation with international testing institutions contributing the system development.
Protecheng adds confidence to your project with all required international standards.
Rooflight Domes has been specifically designed in order to be used for ventilation at roofs during normal use while performing smoke evacuation during fire and to provide ease of natural daylight and assembly.
Rooflight Domes are also being used for daily natural lighting and natural ventilation.

Ease of Assembly

It conforms to all kinds of roofs and constructional details with its construction resistant to corrosion and with its universal assembly equipments.

Production Quality

GRP Rooflight Domes and different kind of parts from Carbon are being produced at modern production facility and with intense quality control processes.

Design Service

For secure solutions, Protecheng operates as your solution partner as from the beginning until the end of the project with pre-sales project and product selections, implementation simulations and controls. It has the leading position in the sector on issues such as large logistics department, consignment and storage as well as the qualified production performed at modern production plants that are directed to automation and that decrease manufacturing defects to a minimum. As it is able to perform on-site delivery for many projects within the country, it organizes its logistics for consignments to abroad with the zero error principle.

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Carbon Fibre Composites

Perfect Carbon Processing

Protecheng is specialized in manufacturing quality carbon work pieces and high precision moulds for applications in different fields. Carbon fibre is one of the most important components of our products. The material is used for its high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion and temperature resistant properties, thermal insulation, smooth internal surface, easy to form complex shapes, ease of repair and its cost effectiveness. Regard to composing ingredients and choosing the right resins, best techniques to guarantee the quality and the benefits of the carbon materials, Protecheng GRP and Carbon fibre composites is the right choice for our partners. The Protecheng culture is based on custom engineered fabrics and products, client and application based solutions, focused on customer needs, experienced sales and technical staff, satisfying our customers product and service needs, a continuous improvement in terms of engineering, quality, safety, and the sustainable development of our products according the requirements sometimes even beyond the requirements.

Application Areas

Carbons are commonly used in the
Construction industries
Transport Industry
Electronical Industry
Machine Industry
Medical Industry
Sanitary Industry
Further Application Areas

Our Core Competancy

Our core competency is Innovative Designing though we use existing technologies we design innovatively taking care that we make products according to market requirement alone thus satisfying previously unfulfilled ‘NEEDS’ is one of the highest in industry and above all we feel proud in the fact that we are a service oriented manufacturing organization These products were invented to augment the increasing use of carbon fiber within a number of industries. Our years of expertise and inventiveness have led to the development of scrims that will result in new product designs with unsurpassed structural support.

Carbon Components

Practice-based system solutions for the most diverse applications. We want our customers to achieve optimum weight, cost and performance every time. Lightweight components for storage technology, highly-rigid composite fibre parts for the forestry sector and rotating components for the offshore industry. The use of the most diverse composite materials provides for the most diverse properties, such as vibration damping, acoustics, puncture protection and resistance to cutting. Carbon structures are extremely lightweight, have excellent stability, are corrosion-free and have excellent energy absorption in the event of a crash. In the power plant sector too, carbon composite materials are increasingly being used for the production.

Carbon Prototypes

With their extensive know-how and long experience they offer professional assistance for the implementation of complex shapes and design projects. Protecheng processes the very latest materials and uses the most up-to-date technologies. We will be happy to assist you in the implementation of your ideas. We look forward to your enquiry.


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Our Headquarters

Bukureska No. 147 A
1000 Skopje
R. Macedonia

Phone: + 389 70 388 092

We'll do our best to get back to you within 6-8 working hours.